Applied Petrologic Services & reasearch

mineralogy & microstructure

fluid inclusions

mineral & rock chemistry

Mineralogy identified at macroscopic and microscopic scales, with distributions and grain-size variations collectively defining textures/fabric and microstructure, indicate  primary rock types and any metamorphic &  metasomatic/ hydrothermal modification.

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Distinct fluid inclusion assemblages contained in a range of host minerals and representing trapped hydrothermal fluid; the distinct assemblages defined by variation in phase composition and microstructural relationships. 

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Measurement of mineral and whole rock  chemistry carried out in conjunction with mineralogic studies, provide a basis for correlations between mineralogy and geochemistry and application of whole rock geochemistry to interpretations of primary rock types and alteration.

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Applied Petrological Services and Research Ltd (APSAR) provides an independant service to organisations exploring for metals/minerals world-wide through the provision of field and laboratory based petrologic analysis, key to which is optical microscopy. 

APSAR specialises in the application of petrologic data to the understanding of geologic processes that result in the formation of economic metal/mineral deposit systems in the Earth's crust; the systems including those of Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn, Mo and other rare metals essential to improved techonology important to more sustainable economies. 

APSAR works to provide a practical link between metal/mineral deposit research and exploration (Economic Petrology). 

APSAR offers expertise in:

* The acquisition of key petrologic data and application of derived intepretations to improving the effectiveness of client driven mineral/metal definition & development programmes

* The definition of economic mineral/metal paragenesis and deportment important to metallurgy and deposit development progression towards economic mineral/metal recovery

* Mineral exploration project evaluation and technical due diligence including applied detailed analytical perspectives


The application of petrology to mineral/mineral definition beyond a standard empirical approach is key to modern integrated methods in mineral discovery of today. APSAR applies petrology to determining mineral/metal distribution, characterisation and metallurgy, focussing on the acquisition of data evidencing economic metal/mineral formation processes underpinning client-lead metal/mineral deposit modelling and classification. APSAR's in-depth interpretations of petrologic data are done in conjunction with GIS based reviews of independently derived geochemical, geophysical, structural and field-based petrologic/geologic data. In some circumstances APSAR  laboratory-based analytical work is combined with personalised project site work that may include detailed geological mapping and/or core logging, and sampling for petrology.

In the application of petrology to mineral/metal definition, APSAR has experience in a range of geological terranes and mineral/metal settings world wide. These include epithermal to mesothermal precious metal and porphyry/intrusion-related copper-gold-molybdenum mineralisation associated with Paleozoic to Quaternary plate-boundary settings; and orogenic and intrusion-related epithermal to mesothermal gold and base metal mineralisation in Pre-Cambrian to Mesozoic rocks of intra-plate to plate-margin settings.

Sample preparation at competitive rates is offered as part of APSAR's work. For information relating to current rates for sample preparation,  professional services and consultancy, and advice on sample submission procedure, contact: anthony@apsar.co.nz.